Apply to be a mask maker for Beth Millner Jewelry!

Handmade cloth masks at Beth Millner Jewelry

Handmade cloth masks at Beth Millner Jewelry

Be a mask maker, support the local economy!

I believe the demand is huge for these masks and we are looking for makers! Apply online!

I am proud to be offering these masks made from mostly locally purchased fabric and materials. While I believe that donations are always good we also need to make sure we are supporting our local economy. We are proud to pay artists for their labor.

The beautiful part of this is that I am offering these masks and nosepieces on a sliding scale pricing model to households allowing individuals with limited income to obtain a mask. See our current offering: Cloth Masks & Mask Making Supplies.

We have been hiring local seamstresses to make these masks and we are almost selling out every day. We would like to work with more seamstresses, artists, and craftspeople with sewing skills to make more masks. 

  • I am dedicated to hiring local makers to make these masks and I am also dedicated to paying them fairly.
  • Your support of this project is making that possible. While we would love to be able to give everyone a mask, it's important to remember that people are spending time and materials to make these masks and we should support them financially as much as possible.

Sponsor a Mask

We are proud to offer our masks on a sliding scale pricing model, allowing those who are experiencing economic hardship to receive a mask at a low cost, or if they cannot afford a mask, we will ship them one for free.

For those able and looking for a way to help in a time of need, consider sponsoring a mask(s) or mask supplies to offset the many free masks we've provided to our community. Please click here to sponsor a mask.

If you have materials you would like to give to us, please contact us.