Beth Millner Jewelry Staff Picks For Valentine's Day

Beth Millner Jewelry Staff Picks For Valentine's Day

Love is in the air and we're grateful to have something in the air besides the wind chill! Our staff put together this lovely compilation of our favorite pieces for valentine's day to get the affectionate gears turning for you. 

We're firm believers in love outside romantic love and all hold nature as our one true soulmate, however we're also a bunch of cheeseballs. So enjoy our eclectic valentine's day favorites with something for everyone. 

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Also, we've organized all of these picks into a convenient tab on our website if you're looking for easy browsing for your loved ones (or yourself) ;). 


Lex's Picks 

 Little Presque Isle Autumn Pendant

We call the two trees standing together tree couples which symbolize the roots of two growing together. Naturally any piece with a tree couple is a soft spot for V-day. Lex also recalls fond romantic memories at Presque Isle and we're sure there are many others who may have similar stories. 

Presque Isle  Valentines Day Gift Idea by Beth Millner Jewelry

Celestial Tree Couple No. 5 
Lex chose this one because the trees look like they're holding hands and the agate is simply stunning. Plus what's more romantic than a sky full of stars?

Agate Pendant   Unique Valentines Day Gift Idea by Beth Millner Jewelry

Autumn's Picks 

Woodland Dreamers Earrings 

Autumn says these are her favorite earrings currently in the shop because of their neutral colors and indisputable elegance giving off an almost elven vibe. The idea behind the design is for the tree couple to be leaning into each-other dreaming of love. Doesn't get much sweeter than that! Especially because they're dreaming on a landscape of 18K gold.

Dreamscape Earrings   Unique Valentines Day Gift Idea by Beth Millner Jewelry

Conifer Tree Landscape Pendant 
Autumn loves this mixed metal beauty because the piece is minimalist, but doesn't go unnoticed due to the tree couple's striking silhouettes. In her words, "It's the perfect piece for your practical, nature loving partner."

Conifer Tree Landscape Pendant

Julie's Picks 

Choose Your Own Stone Copper Agate Ring 

Copper agates are Julie's favorite Great Lakes gem and double bands are her favorite rings so for her this piece could not be more perfect. "The concept is simple, but the stone & setting make the ring incredibly gorgeous." 

 Tree At Dawn Earrings 
Julie loves the long, elegant silhouette of these earrings. They are the perfect size to wear every day and the copper helps them stand out without being too complicated.

Janna's Picks

 Planting The Future Pendant 

Janna loves the fact that this pendant gives back to the land we all love here in the Upper Peninsula. $50 of every one sold goes directly to the Upper Peninsula Land Conservancy which is an outstanding organization that tends to the and and trails of our region. 

 Two Hearted River Pendant 
The two hearted river is a natural addition to our valentine's day picks. Janna loves how the two trees lean into each-other. It's also a lovely size for everyday wearing. 

Ash's Picks 

Upper Peninsula of Michigan Profile Ring 

This piece is wearable for both men and women and is super special for couples who met in the Upper Peninsula. Featuring UP copper from the white pine mine in Ontanagon. 

Sunset on the Chocolay River Pendant
Ash picked this one because 1. Chocolay sounds like a fancy way to say chocolate which everyone loves around v-day and 2. For couples who love watching sunsets and walking through nature together. 

Lauren's Picks 

Minimalist Single Wave Earrings 

According to Lauren, nothing is more romantic than a trip to the water. Day or night, with a partner or solo. In her words, "Water reminds me how fluid and ever changing life and love is and i love the sense of renewal that waves bring."To her these earrings are a simple symbol of self love and the loving connection she shares with the water. 

Chocolate and Roses Twig Ring

Anybody who knows anything about romance knows about literal chocolate and roses, so here is our take on the classic Valentine's gift idea. Lauren loves that our chocolate diamonds used to be industrial diamonds and sees choosing recycled materials as an act of love for the planet. 

Beth's Picks: (Drumroll Please!) 

Tempest's Treasure Pendant

Beth picked this as the perfect pendant for a beach-combing couple with its shoreline inspired design. The texture on the pendant is representative of the beautiful aftermath of a purely Superior storm.

Cresting Wave Earrings 

Beth sees these two waves as facing each-other, ready to become one. They are a beautiful representation of the most powerful and abundant element on earth. 

We hope you've enjoyed our picks for Valentine's Day. If you have favorites or ideas please share them with us via Facebook or Instagram! As you can see we're all a little cheesy here and hope you have an out of the box love filled holiday. 


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