How to Make a Mask with a Filter Pocket and Removable Nosepiece

Handmade cloth masks at Beth Millner Jewelry

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Have you been wanting to make masks to help with needs in your community for personal protection equipment? 

At Beth Millner Jewelry we have put together a free pattern for the mask and nose pieces. Also, below are some  tips and tricks on how to make them in your community or at home. We now have masks available on a sliding scale so you can pay for what you can afford to get your own mask or supplies.

We are excited that our pattern allows for the nosepiece to be removed and replaced whenever it is needed. Allowing this mask to last a much longer time. You can purchase nosepieces from us here on a sliding scale. Click here to get: Tips on Making Metal Nosepieces for Cloth Masks.

1. UPDATED April 18th, 2020 Here is a pattern Beth Millner Jewelry put together inspired by other local patterns being used: Mask Sewing Pattern with Filter Pocket and Removable Nosepiece. 

2. It's easy to make cloth ties with T-shirt yarn! Click here to learn how. (These ties are best for personal use only, as they can become tangled when washed together.)



Handmade cloth masks at Beth Millner Jewelry

3. A great tip is to thread one continuous tie!Handmade cloth masks at Beth Millner Jewelry

Handmade cloth masks at Beth Millner Jewelry


We are asking you for donations directly to Beth Millner Jewelry to keep the mask project flourishing, we need to sustain the cost of the mask sales, so we are asking for your help. Please click here to donate.

If you have materials you would like to donate to us, please contact us.