Over 5,000 Handmade Masks Donated and Sold!

Over 5,000 Handmade Masks Donated and Sold!
Update July 2021: We are no longer listing masks online, please contact us if you are looking to purchase masks.

When the Covid-19 pandemic began, we started making masks and mask supplies for our community here in the Upper Peninsula. Everything was scary and uncertain, but we were determined to find a way to make a positive difference. Since March 2020, we have been able to donate and sell over 5,000 masks and over 36,000 nose pieces! Check out some of our stats below:
Mask Making totals from Beth Millner Jewelry
Learn more about our mask making journey here. We have also been able to partner with several different local organizations to create fundraiser masks that donate profits to our partners.
We are grateful to live in a community that comes together in the face of hard times. We don't know when this pandemic will be over, but we are committed to providing PPE for as long as is necessary. Thank you so much for your support, and we hope that you are staying healthy and safe!