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New Pictured Rocks Series!

Sunset on the Pictured Rocks Pendant by Beth Millner Jewelry

Our most frequent customer request is a line featuring Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and Grand Marais. Well, we're excited to share some new designs with you that were released on October 11!

Featuring Completely NEW Design Elements

We're especially excited to share a new metalworking technique, Mokume Gane, with you all! Beth had an awesome time learning to work in this medium - it's made with thin layers of recycled sterling silver and copper. The top layer is sanded down to reveal the layer below, and this allows an artist to create swirling patterns that we think resemble the sandstone cliffs that make up Pictured Rocks. You can see this texture on our Grand Portal and Mini Grand Portal Pendants. 

Grand Portal Pendants Beth Millner Jewelry

Beth has also been experimenting with shape! Our Lakeshore Sunset Earrings feature a mixed metal design and a unique, upside-down teardrop shape.

Mixed metal earrings featuring waves and a sunset by Beth Millner Jewelry

This launch heavily features shoreline and celestial elements. Several of the designs include the sandstone cliffs of Pictured Rocks, and one highlights the rocky shores of Twelve Mile Beach

Group of locally inspired pendants by Beth Millner Jewelry

We hope that you'll stop in the shop to see these beauties in person, or check them out online if you're coming to us from outside of the Upper Peninsula! 


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