Sliding Scale Pricing for Masks and Mask Supplies

Sliding Scale Pricing Model at Beth Millner Jewelry

UPDATE June 25th: We have now discontinued our sliding scale model due to the widescale availability of masks and mask parts as well as the need to recoup our business expenses with this endeavor. If you are experiencing economic hardship, please contact us before ordering to ask about our special per request discounts.


We are offering our masks and mask supplies on a sliding scale pricing model. 

Estimated cost of production: Our cost to handcraft masks, maintain online listings, offer customer service and ship these masks is about $20 per mask, unless you are experiencing economic hardship, pay at least this much per mask. 

Cannot afford a mask? If you can't afford our base price of $9-$10 per maskcontact us before ordering. Our "pay it forward" pricing model allows us to distribute a few masks for less than $10 each. Tell us how many masks you need, and what you can afford. We will honor as many requests as we are able. 

You can pay it forward! Over-payment (paying $35 or more per mask) will enable us to honor more requests for low-cost masks to households in need. 

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