Top 10 Tips for Starting a Shopify Website

Top 10 Tips for Starting a Shopify Website

Do you need to implement e-commerce right now? We use Shopify and like it a lot. Beth is collaborating with some other local organizations to do a Shopify Q & A over video conference in Marquette. Please keep an eye out for more details in the coming weeks.

1. Get a scale and weigh your items as you list them unless they all are small and weigh the same and fit in a specific USPS Priority Box. Basically you'll need to do this unless you sell jewelry...

2. Make the listing on your computer, take your pictures on a smart phone. Use the Shopify app to upload pictures. This is more efficient. If you want square pictures, take them in square mode on your phone. 

3. If you need to edit many products at once, toggle them in the product area and click the EDIT button at top of the screen. You can work as through you are in a spreadsheet to some extent. You can select multiple fields to edit at one time.

4. Look at their help guides when you are stuck, they are really thorough.

5. Group tasks for listings, take a bunch of photos at once, don't make the listings start to finish, one by one.

6. Use the duplicate listing feature at the top of the listing to copy a bunch of stuff to a new listing, so much faster than creating from scratch.

7. Watch their videos on how to set up local pick up and delivery. It's a little tricky, but following the step-by-step really helps.

8. Use full spectrum white light bulbs to light your items. This will show more of the true color of the product.

9. If you have very high volume, consider Shipstation app that integrates with Shopify. Shipstation has a good live chat and they are quick to respond.

10. Make sure your navigation is easy to use and that your site looks good on mobile. Most users are on mobile and not computers.

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