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Michigan Greenstone Ring - Choose Your Own Stone

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Size Guide
Ring Sizing

Purchase this ring sizer to help determine your ring size. This sizing tool is most accurate for double band rings and bands 6mm and under.

Fingers can change size due to many circumstances. The best way to get an accurate size is to check the size a couple of different times throughout a several day period to determine your best size. The majority of our rings can be resized, but if the ring has a stone setting other than a diamond, it probably cannot be resized unless otherwise noted in the item listing.

Some of our rings with stones are shown with the stone not set in order for us to size the ring to your specifications and set the stone afterwards. This avoids damage to the stone during sizing. Reference the individual ring listings for more details. Wide bands 7mm and above have more friction against the finger and will need to be ordered a little larger.

Our double band rings fit like a narrow band. When getting sized for a double band ring, you can get sized for a ring that is narrow.

When getting your finger sized, inform jeweler of the width band you are intending on purchasing and rely on them to determine your ring size.

If you need a ring resized that you have already purchased please contact us. 

Looking for an Engagement Ring?

There are many sneaky options for getting the size right but the best way is to have their finger sized by a professional.

You may be able to sneak one of their rings and bring it into a jewelry store and ask them to check the size.

Beth Millner Jewelry has wish lists too, so they could come in to the store and fill out a wish list and we will try to get their ring size written down.

  • Choose your own unique and beautiful Michigan Greenstone and we will create a sterling silver double band ring with your stone choice!

    Simply select your favorite stone and size, and we'll do the rest!
    • Eco-friendly recycled sterling silver.
    • Your choice of Michigan Greenstone.
    • Handcrafted in Michigan.
    • Made to Order

Customer Reviews

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wonderfully unique

I love being able to choose my own stone - this one really spoke to me. And the double-banded style means that, even though the stone is larger, the ring is comfortable and not too heavy for everyday wear.


I am absolutely in love with my Michigan Greenstone Ring. The stone is stunning and the ring is super comfy. I love knowing that it was handmade just for me. It fills my heart with joy to be able to wear a little piece of the Yoop with me wherever I go.

Greenstone RIng

I saw a beautiful, yet simple greenstone ring in the store that was too small for me. The staff immediately offered an option to resize the ring. I was on vacation and by the time I returned home a week later, the ring was waiting for me. It fits perfectly and I really love it.