Chain Sizing

sterling silver chains in multiple lengths by Beth Millner Jewelry

Model is 5'7" and wearing our Bright Tiny Loopy chains.

What type of chains do you offer?

We sell a variety of manufactured sterling silver chains.  Some of our sterling silver chains are intentionally darkened to match the jewelry that has a patina. Darkened silver chains compliment Copper Pendants, rather than the stark contrast of brightened sterling silver

Which chain should I choose?

We think the Sterling Silver Box Chain is a great complement to the Beth Millner designs.  Box chains are strong because of their interlocking square links, but the sleek, slender design gives them a delicate look. Our box chains are available in 16" to 24" lengths, but the 18" chain is the most common length purchased.  If the pendant you're purchasing is made of copper or has a significant patina, our Darkened Silver Box Chain coordinates with these designs best.

The Tiny Loopy Chain (also available in a Darkened Tiny Loopy Chain) comes in 16" to 30" lengths and has a more casual, textured look than the box chain. If you're looking to bring out the stamped leaves or pebble texture in your pendant, we think these work best!

Our Adjustable Loopy Chain (also available in a Darkened Adjustable Loopy Chain) comes in 22" and 30" adjustable lengths and works best with larger pendants at least 1 inch tall. These chains slip over your head without having to unclasp, and are perfect for bold statement pendants and fun, casual looks.

All of our pendants are listed with our suggestion for the chain pairing. Please feel free to contact us for suggestions on the best chain option for your pendant.