Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassadors: Fall 2022

Meet our Fall 2022 Jewelry Ambassadors, Lexi and Grace!

Lexi is a recent Northern Michigan University grad who's new job in the phlebotomy field will have her traveling to several states from her home in Northern Wisconsin. She told us, "I am a huge lover of the outdoors and spend all my free time hiking, swimming, gardening, and downhill skiing. I am also very fond of art. I enjoy painting, drawing, and visiting art museums."

Grace is a returning ambassador also from Norther Wisconsin! Since her last ambassadorship, she's taken over her own chiropractic practice, but she still finds time to enjoy the great outdoors. When asked why she enjoys BMJ, she said, "I absolutely love the CONNECTION this jewelry gives me to the outdoors and to nature.  I love to spend my free time with my Husband, Daughter, Golden Retriever Kenai and my newly adopted Irish Setter Red outside!"

Check back here or on our blog to read about the latest updates and adventures of these two incredible women.



Lexi, Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador, Summer 2022



Grace, Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador, Summer 2022