Chain & More

What type of Chain & Cord do you offer?

We sell a variety of manufactured sterling silver chains.  Some of our sterling silver chains are intentionally darkened to match the jewelry that has a patina.  Darkened silver chains compliment Copper Pendants, rather than the stark contrast of brightened sterling silver

Our Leather Cords are high quality Greek leather. The leather cords have sterling silver endings and are assembled at Bella Beads, a few blocks down from Beth Millner Jewelry.  


We think the sterling silver box chain is a great complement to the Beth Millner designs.  By far, an 18 inch chain is the most common length purchased.  If the pendant has a patina, our Darkened Silver Box Chain looks great.  

Our adjustable Loopy Chain looks best with larger pendants, recommended for pendants at least 1 inch tall.  The Loopy Chain does not work well with pendants smaller than 7/8 inch.

For a smaller pendant, we recommend the Tiny Loopy Chain or a Sterling Silver Box Chain.  

For a copper pendant, or a pendant with a patina, we recommend one of our Darkened Silver Chains.  

A Leather cord is a more casual way to wear a pendant.  The leather is a little rigid when you first take it out of the box, but will soften nicely after it is worn for a week or so.  Most customers choose the black leather, but the brown is also a nice option.  Leather looks best with pendants that are a 1/2 inch or larger.

Which one is best?

Please feel free to contact us for suggestions on the best cord or chain option for your pendant.