Design Inspirations


Beth Millner Jewelry is designed for the active, modern woman with simplicity and ease of wearing in mind.  We make unique pieces that can be worn everyday, in casual or formal settings.  Our strong nature themes offer a timeless connection to a more natural lifestyle.

Beth's tree designs often depict a relationship between trees which relate to each like people.  A tree couple's love is strong and steadfast, with deep roots and high reaching branches and a family tree is united and rooted as one, even as its branches grow in different directions and reach new heights.  


Beth draws inspiration for each design from the beautiful natural landscape of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Lake Superior.  Our original line of U.P. and Lake Superior silhouette jewelry is a popular way to show pride in our area.  

Some of Beth's favorite local places have been direct inspirations in many mixed metal and silver pieces including Little Presque Isle, Wetmore Landing, Picnic Rocks, Presque Isle Park, the Iron Ore Heritage Trail and many others!