Mixed Metal Jewelry

What is Mixed Metal Jewelry?

Beth's signature line of mixed metal jewelry is primarily made of sterling silver, copper and brass.  Some pieces are also created by applying 22k yellow gold to the surface of the silver. Custom mixed metal items can be made in yellow gold, rose gold and palladium white gold. Beth's mixed metal designs are very popular with customers. Mixed metal jewelry allows you to easily feel coordinated even when wearing multiple pieces of jewelry made of different metals.

Metal Properties

Beth has a background in painting and using mixed metals allows for a variety of colors in the metal without the use of pigment. Most of our mixed metal pieces have been given a patina to darken the details. This makes each metal color show up more dramatically and gives a lovely contrast. Most mixed metal pieces are made by soldering multiple layers of metal together to create landscapes and shorelines. The process of soldering is when two metals are joined together with a filler metal that has a lower melting point that that of the pieces being joined. Hand fabrication is inherent to mixed metal jewelry because each part must be created then connected, unlike solid silver pieces which may be cast using the lost wax casting process.