What is Special about our Rings?

Our unique double band handmade rings are made in a very comfortable design, where the back of the ring is tapered and very comfortable to wear. This allows for a larger looking ring to be worn with comfort. Many of our double band rings have a very low profile design on the front making it easy to get your hand in and out of pockets without getting snagged. 


Many of the rings are available to match pendants and earrings. If you would like a double band ring made to match your pendant or earrings, please contact us about a custom order. The front of a double banded ring can be made from a variety of metals including sterling silver, copper, brass, yellow gold, palladium white gold, rose gold or any combination of metals. We also have more traditional bands which can be used as wedding bands or just an everyday favorite. 


The rings we make are first and foremost meant to be comfortable and durable. They are designed with the wearer in mind and are inspired by modern women who need to have practical jewelry that is artistically designed.