Sterling Silver

What is special about our sterling silver jewelry?

Sterling Silver is one of our favorite materials.  Our unique handmade sterling silver earrings and pendants are exclusively made from eco silver, meaning the metal is recycled.  We work with suppliers that ensure our stock metal comes from repurposed silver.  The silver is refined at US based suppliers and then shipped to us in the form of sheet, wire or casting grain. We also melt most of our scrap silver created from fabrication down and recast it into new jewelry with the remainder silver scraps being sent back to our US supplier for further refining and recycling once a year. We pride ourselves in the recycled content of the silver jewelry.   


Metal Properties

Sterling Silver oxidizes and changes color over time.  When wearing your silver jewelry, you may find that it takes on a more polished finish.  If you would prefer your piece to have a brushed finish, you can simply refinish it with steel wool. To do this, simply place it on a flat surface and rub in a circular motion.  If you would prefer a more shiny finish, simply use a silver polishing cloth to rub the metal to a bright finish. 

All of our ear wires on the earrings are made from sterling silver.  We have two styles of ear wire that we make in the studio: round and latching.  Most earrings have our round sterling silver ear wire but can be upgraded to the latching style ear wire which is available in each listing.