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Beth Millner Jewelry is designed for the active, modern individual with simplicity and ease of wearing in mind. We make unique pieces that can be worn every day, in casual or formal settings. Our strong nature themes offer a timeless connection to a more natural lifestyle, and our dedication to the environment, our community, and ethical practices means you can feel good about wearing our jewelry.



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Valentines 2021

My wife was so excited to receive her valentines necklace. It’s beautiful!!!!!

Mini Copper Upper Peninsula Earrings

Jewelry Polishing Pads

These are so handy. Unlike many other jewelry cleaners on the market, these have just the right amount of product on them to keep your purchases looking great!

Hooray! Soft Skinny Ear Loop Elastic

Lex was very helpful on the telephone when I called to confirm what type of elastic to use with their mask cord adjusters. The 1/8” was easy to thread through the adjuster with a yarn needle and kind on the ears. Beth Millner Jewelry is always very friendly on the phone which is important for me since I live in a rural town in the Rockies and can’t just drop by. Great service and fast delivery.