10 pack Metal Nosepiece for Handmade Cloth Mask - 6in

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Estimated cost of production: Our current estimated cost for production is $.50/ea, ($5.00 per 10 pack), unless you are experiencing economic hardship, pay at least this much per nosepiece. Scroll down for more information on sliding scale pricing.


  • Made in the Upper Peninsula
  • 5" X 1/4" aluminum


    Used in our toddler sized masks

    Sliding Scale Pricing

    Estimated cost of production: Our cost to bulk order nosepieces, maintain online listings, offer customer service and ship these parts is $.50 per nosepiece, unless you are experiencing economic hardship, pay at least this much per nosepiece. 

    Cannot afford nosepieces? If you can't afford our base price of $.50 per nosepiececontact us before ordering. Our "pay it forward" pricing model allows us to distribute for less than $.50 each. Tell us how many nosepieces you need, and what you can afford. We will honor as many requests as we are able. 

    You can pay it forward! Over-payment (paying $1 or more per nosepiece) will enable us to honor more requests for low-cost masks and supplies to households in need. 

    Bulk Orders

    Businesses & nonprofits may order the mask parts they need at the price they can pay, please pay the actual cost of production whenever possible. For questions about quantities available, contact us

    Ship time 

    Please see our current shipping information.

    Care Instructions

    Please wash your mask parts before use. See our Mask Care Instructions for more information.

    Product Policies

    For health and safety, we will not accept returns or exchanges on nosepieces.

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