Assorted Textured Copper Hoop Earrings

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Pendant & Earring Sizing

When determining the size of the pendant or earrings you would like to purchase, please reference the item description which includes the size of the piece. We also include an image with a hand in the picture to help visualize the size.

When choosing a piece for another person, we find that our customers choose pieces that are similar to their overall stature. People that are shorter and small tend to like smaller items, tall slender people tend to like our longer larger pieces.


  • Did you know that round shapes can create joy? These Textured Copper Hoop Earrings are simple, but beautiful. The metal shines so bright that it almost glows in the light. They're a great piece for every day wear, but are elegant enough to wear for any occasion. 
    • Eco-friendly recycled sterling silver and copper.
    • Available in Radial, Stardust and Hammered texture.
    • Size = 1 1/8" (2.9cm) long not including sterling silver ear wires.
    • Handcrafted in Michigan.
    • In Stock

Customer Reviews

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Beutiful as always!

Both mine and my fiance's engagement rings and wedding bands are Beth Millner. We wanted to get a meaningful gift for my stepmom to present her on our wedding day, so what better than a Beth Millner piece. Now she'll have a beautiful pair of earrings from the same jeweler and the textured cooper match her style perfectly! No doubt she'll love them.


Both my daughter and I LOVE! our ear rings.