Frosted Pebble Trail Ring

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Purchase this ring sizer to help determine your ring size. This sizing tool is most accurate for double band rings and bands 6mm and under.

Fingers can change size due to many circumstances. The best way to get an accurate size is to check the size a couple of different times throughout a several day period to determine your best size. The majority of our rings can be resized, but if the ring has a stone setting other than a diamond, it probably cannot be resized unless otherwise noted in the item listing.

Some of our rings with stones are shown with the stone not set in order for us to size the ring to your specifications and set the stone afterwards. This avoids damage to the stone during sizing. Reference the individual ring listings for more details. Wide bands 7mm and above have more friction against the finger and will need to be ordered a little larger.

Our double band rings fit like a narrow band. When getting sized for a double band ring, you can get sized for a ring that is narrow.

When getting your finger sized, inform jeweler of the width band you are intending on purchasing and rely on them to determine your ring size.

If you need a ring resized that you have already purchased please contact us. 

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There a few sneaky options for getting the size right but the best way is to have their finger sized by a professional. You may be able to borrow one of their rings and bring it into a jewelry store and ask them to check the size. Make sure this is a ring they wear on a ring finger or middle finger to get the most accurate size!

Beth Millner Jewelry has wish lists too, so they could come in to the store and fill out a wish list and we will try to get their ring size written down.

If you'd like to propose with a stone ring that can't be resized, you can take an unset stone ring and bring it back to be set after the proposal. So don't sweat about the sizing, we're here to help! 

For more tips on picking out the perfect engagement ring, check out this helpful blog post.

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As summer comes to an end and the first chilly fall mornings descend upon up, we find that each new day brings a dusting of frost on the ground. Our Frosted Pebble Trail Series is reminiscent of early morning hikes with hot coffee and cozy flannels. Frost crunching underfoot as the sun peeks through the trees to melt it away. With this ring, you can take a bit of that seasonal magic with you wherever you go.

  • Recycled sterling silver.
  • Size = 5/8" (1.6cm) in diameter disk on a double band ring.
  • Production Time
    Ring Sizing & Fit

    Our signature double band design allows for air movement around the ring and prevents the ring from spinning around on your finger, making them a perfect everyday ring that is comfortable and easy to wear.

    Purchase this ring sizer to help determine your ring size.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Karen Berg

    The ring's detail is built in exceptionally beautiful layers. I love the rocks, especially the large one that reflects the light. The band has been textured in a lovely way too. Love the ring.

    Grace N
    Love the Craftsmanship!

    Looks identical to the website photo! I love the hammered pebble it really shines!

    Leslie Phillips
    A Piece of Nature

    As with every other piece I own from Beth Millner, this ring is absolutely beautiful in every way! It captures the essence of nature, the beauty of unique craftsmanship, and the heart of the outdoors. Couldn't love it more!!

    Love this ring!

    I love the design of the ring. Exactly what I expected from the photos on the website.

    Abby Jacques
    My Favorite Ring Ever

    I actually had been wearing a different ring for years before I got this one. I wasn't sure about the transition, but I quickly fell in love. It is so comfortable, goes with everything, and NEVER snags! A must have!

    Karen Shaneberger
    I love my new ring, unique to most!

    The details are incredible! I love it!