10 Things To Do Around Marquette During Winter

10 Things To Do Around Marquette During Winter

The blustery and gray months of winter keep many from living in the North. True Yoopers know there is plenty of fun to be had indoors and out, and with enough clothing layers anything is possible. Here at Beth Millner Jewelry, we gathered ideas around our office, and reached out to our Facebook fans to create a list of favorite wintertime activities. We hope you enjoy our suggestions and would love to hear yours!

We live in such an amazing area that has inspired so many of our pieces. Check out our Locally Inspired Collection to see what little lovelies have come from the beauty of this area. 

1. Snowshoeing

Votes between snowshoeing and cross country skiing were basically tied for top of the list. However, the tie was broken with Cindy Wills' submission via facebook, Thanks Cindy! She likes to hit the North Country Trail and managed to snap this gorgeous shot. Snowshoeing can be enjoyed across generations and certainly deserves its spot atop our favorite wintertime activities.

Group of people snowshoeing in Northern Michigan. Photo by Cindy Wills.

Second snowshoeing photo comes from our talented Office Assistant/ Self proclaimed "nerd" and talented photographer Ash Williams. 

Ash Williams Photography Snowshoeing in the Upper Penninsula


2. Cross Country Ski 

As we mentioned, cross country skiing came in at a close second. Favorite trails for skis or snowshoes include the Blueberry Ridge Trail & the trails behind Marquette Mountain (hitting the slopes at the mountain with downhill skiis or snowboards is fun too).

This photo features a handful of our staff and their sweethearts hitting the trails by the Harlow Lake Cabins. 

Employees from Beth Millner Jewelry cross country skiing


3. Get coffee at Velodrome

It's true we love our neighbors. Velodrome is the perfect spot to cozy up with a tasty latte or drip coffee. Our office assistant Lauren swears their dirty chai mends broken hearts. The open and inviting atmosphere makes it a lovely place to dive into some writing and reading or chat with a friend. Your belly will thank them also for their selection of alternative milks and gluten-free baked goods. Yum! 

Besides being yummy and cozy Velodrome is an awesome business that personally sources their coffee from Nicaragua, Honduras, and Papua New Guinea! They offer bike delivery and we love the environmental consideration. 

Latte from Velodrome Coffee Company in Marquette Michigan


3. Ice Climbing

Suggestion and photo by Angela Miller via Facebook, Thanks Angela! This winter activity is for the athletic and adventurous and is oh so rewarding. We get plenty o' ice  here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, why not dig in and start climbing?

Amazing Ice Climbing In Michigan's Upper Peninsula

3. Relaxing In a Yurt

Suggestion and photo by Cindy Wallace Wills via Facebook, Thanks again Cindy! This yurt looks way too cozy (zoom in on the inhabitants to see the bliss on their tranquil faces). Click here to make a reservation!

Relaxing In A Yurt Beth Millner Jewelry's Favorite Winter Things

5. Catching live music and drinking great beer at the Ore Dock Brewing Company.

The Ore Dock does a great job of filling their weekends with awesome talent from near and far. The atmosphere inside is welcoming too with a fireplace, board games, rustic decor, and friendly staff. Their variety of beer offers something for everyone and is loved by locals. 

Beer flight from Ore Dock Brewing Company in Marquette Michigan

6. Exploring Ice Caves

Photo by our talented Office Assistant Ash Williams. For those of us who aren't daring enough to climb the ice, ice cave wandering is a lovely and still exhilarating option. We love the Eben Ice Caves located around the edge of Hiawatha National Forest. 

Beth Millner Jewelry Staff Exploring Ice Caves near Marquette

7. Scoping ice formations at Wetmore Landing

Photo by our office assistant Lauren. The ice along the coast of Lake Superior is wild and beautiful. It encases trees, rocks, and everything it touches in a glossy frozen lining adding mystery and wonder to seemingly ordinary things. Wetmore Landing is a favorite ice finding location as the accessible coastline stretches for miles with mixed terrains. 

Beth Millner Jewelry loves Wetmore Landing

Wetmore Landing is such a magical place that it inspired Beth to create a pendant in its honor. 

8. Watching the kickoff for the UP 200 

Thanks to Marquette Magazine for the gorgeous photo. This event is an exciting community gathering for the whole family. It's always a blast to experience the energy of the hardworking dogs and their brave drivers.

Sled dogs from the UP 200 Race in Marquette Michigan

9. Getting cozy at The Vierling

Nina, our full-time Studio Assistant swears the Whitefish Chowder gets her through the brisk winter months. Thanks to Marquette Magazine for the photo to show off this delectable dish and some tried and true brews. The Vierling has been brewing beer since before prohibition, they know their stuff!

Food and beer from the Vierling Restaurant and Brewery in Marquette Michigan


10. Hiking through tourist park 

It's hard to resist hiking the coast of Lake Superior, but the serenity of Tourist Park is equally wonderful. Trails here range from "EZ PZ" to difficult. There are plenty of scenic spots to pitch a hammock for some winter hangs. Also sunsets here are incredibly magical.

Beth Millner Jewelry Hiking Tourist Park


Let us know your favorite things to do in winter, locally or not! You can comment here or join our Facebook and Instagram community. Happy Winter and stay warm!