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Handcrafted jewelry made at Beth Millner Jewelry

Handmade with care

Nature-inspired jewelry made with ethically sourced materials

ethical diamond engagement rings handmade by Beth Millner Jewelry


The jewelry created by Beth Millner is crafted with not only skill and precision, but with a deep love and respect for the natural world and our beautiful home in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Each piece is made by hand in our little studio above the storefront in Marquette, Michigan, using recycled metal and copper sourced from the White Pine Mine in Ontonagon, Michigan. Many of the gems and stones used in the jewelry are locally sourced, with special care taken to ensure that each piece is imbued with joy, connection, and a lasting reminder of the beauty of our home. Our engagement rings come with Recycled Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds, Montana Sapphires, or Moissanite for extra sparkle and beauty.

New fundraiser jewelry for 2023 from Beth Millner Jewelry for the Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve and the Upper Peninsula Land Conservancy

Gifts that Give Back

We have a deep-seated commitment to giving back and collaborating with local non-profit organizations through our Jewelry Fundraiser Program and jewelry donations, and proudly sponsoring events hosted by non-profits. Our goal is to make a difference in our community and spread love and joy to those around us.

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Kristen giving a testimonial with brand new jewelry from Beth Millner Jewelry


"My husband and I have been married a dozen years, and both of us have always thought rings were silly. But you know what? This may be the first ring I've ever owned that truly represents me: outdoorsy, with just the tiniest hint of sparkly femininity. The folks at the shop were super helpful with finding me the correct size, because I've never liked the feel of a ring being too tight around my finger. This one fits me perfectly!" -Kristen G.

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