Custom Hand Crafted Wedding Band Designs by Beth Millner Jewelry

I have been working on many Custom Wedding Band Designs.  I really enjoy working with the customer to develop the perfect ring for an engagement and collaborating with couples on custom wedding bands.  Many of our customers do not know that we work in gold and diamonds as well as silver.  

Gold is more durable than silver and is a better choice for a long lasting ring. Our speciality is Palladium White Gold which is a little different than most of the white gold traditionally used in US jewelry stores.  It is a little easier for us to hand fabricate and also is nickel free, which is great for people with nickel allergies.  

We also work with recycled diamonds from our US based supplier who takes in old diamonds and recuts and polishes them.  Our gold and silver is also recycled making our pieces environmentally friendly! Here are some of my favorite custom wedding bands and engagement rings made over the past several months.

Custom 14K Yellow Gold Three Conifer and Diamond Ring
Custom 14K Palladium White Gold and 14K Yellow Gold Upper Peninsula of Michigan Wedding Band
Custom 14K Palladium White Gold Wave and Diamond Engagement Ring