Michigan Made Monday Featuring Yooper Steez!

Michigan Made Monday!

Featuring:  Yooper Steez! 

These folks are on a mission to make sure the world gets to know the beauty of the UP and to make sure Yoopers can know the enjoyment of a comfy t-shirt that brings back great memories 

According to the YS website, Justin "Bugsy" Sailor started Yooper Steez after embarking on a 50-state tour of the US.  When he returned, he found himself looking through and reliving memories of his road trip via the many t-shirts he'd acquired--but there was no such UP t-shirt that he wore during his trip...  

Enter Yooper Steez! A creative site that celebrates the UP, supports the community, and makes really great t-shirts!

  • The company behind Plaidurday--the official worldwide celebration of perpendicular stripes and Yooper Traditional Garb, celebrated annually on the first Friday of October! One of our favorite holidays at the shop :)





  • And my personal favorite!  You can check out a  map of where Yoopers have worn their tees...If you've got one of these great steezy shirts, take a picture on your adventures and post it! 

Looks like we've managed to get to Antarctica but not New Zealand.  Come on, Yoopers! Let's get traveling!


You can find Yooper Steez on Facebook and Twitter!

Happy Michigan Made Monday! 



Snowy happy thoughts to you,