Sled Dogs, Valentine's Day, and A Blizzard

I went to sleep thinking that I was going to take my dog on a nice run before going to work today.

I woke up to my phone giving me a weather alert as my morning music was starting...

!Blizzard Warning! Actual temperature +5 F, feels like -20 F, wind gusts up to 20MPH.

Sled Dogs, Valentine

HA! No running for Mr. Patch this morning, even if he does give me this face:

Sled Dogs, Valentine(When my alarm goes off, he jumps on me to let me know it's time to run)

(Even when I don't feel like running at 7:30, he's pretty hard to resist. Look at that face.)

The good news is: 

We live in the UP.  We're used to this. This Is Winter.  We celebrate this here.

Speaking of Celebrating Winter in the UP!!!!

Toady, for those who aren't blessed to be living in the Queen City, is the UP 200, Midnight Run, and Jack Pine 30 Sled Dog Races.  The UP 200 celebrated 25 years of racing this year! 

Sled Dogs, Valentine

This exciting race is a qualifier for the Iditarod that is a favorite among mushers for the challenging terrain, cheering crowds, and warm welcome that Yoopers give. This is one of my favorite events of the year! The city brings back the snow they've recently removed from Washington Street (downtown's main drag), local businesses stay open late and make huge amounts of hot cocoa, and the city stays packed with people late into the evening, even in the middle of blizzards!

Sled Dogs, Valentine

...Not to mention all the folks who come into town to cheer on the dogs, eat a nice dinner on Valentine's Day, buy locally handmade jewelry for their sweeties...

                     Sled Dogs, Valentine             Sled Dogs, Valentine

Thank you to all of those who have made this weekend a busy, busy success at the shop! The Yooper Love Rocks and Woodland Love Pendants have been a big hit so far...

The good news for you procrastinators is that we will be open tomorrow--on Valentine's Day itself!--from 11am until 5pm, if you weren't able to get into the shop during the week, we're still here for you!

Sled Dogs, Valentine

We're including a card and some lovely dark chocolate with the purchase of any of our Valentine's day collection, one stop shopping for those of you who are going to be scrambling for a gift before dinner!

                       Sled Dogs, Valentine        Sled Dogs, Valentine Yay!


Happy Weekend Everybody!