Michigan Made Monday! Featuring: Dalman Pottery!

Dalman Pottery!

Ryan Dalman has been accused of creating Off-Grid Magic at The Halfway.

 (I believe it)

Out in the woods on a bumpy road that follows the shore of Lake Superior from Marquette to Big Bay, there is a small community of folks (at the halfway point on 550) who believe that sustainable living is not only attainable but enjoyable. Ryan Dalman and his family belong to this group of crazy Yooper hippies who think that real change is possible.  The Dalman Pottery Farm is a testament to this intertwining of working, working art and life.

Ryan's studio (and house) is entirely off-the-grid.  He uses a kick-wheel (no electricity needed) and a hand-built wood-fired kiln...even the wood to fire the kiln is reclaimed!

In Ryan's own words:

"The goal is to live lightly, thoughtfully and simply while paying more attention to the importance of quality and comfort in the objects we use daily in our homes."

 (the inside of a pre-fire kin)

A graduate of Northern Michigan University, Dalman Pottery provides hand-made mugs for the immensely popular Marquette brewery/hangout, Black Rocks Brewery.  If you are a lucky scamp, you might have a mug with your name on it, made by Ryan Dalman, hanging in the Black Rocks' upper room.


He also provides mugs at Dark Horse Brewery in Marshall, Michigan! If you have the chance to go, Ryan Dalman has made more than 3,000 mugs for the Mug Club there.

Although famous for them, Dalman is certainly not limited to mug-making. He also makes platters, bowls, cookie jars, fermentation crocks...you name it.


We're grateful to have Ryan Dalman around as a member of our community and a true example of what it means to be Michigan Made!




Hopes of sunshine, warmth, and spring to you and yours,