Michigan Made Monday - Stormy Kromer

If you've been to the Upper Peninsula, chances are you've seen the popular Stormy Kromer perched on the head of a Yooper.  With a diverse line of quality hats and clothing, this brand is synonymous with an active, outdoor lifestyle and popular with all generations.  Best of all, they are made right in Ironwood, located on the west end of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!  

Michigan Made Monday - Stormy Kromer Michigan Made Monday - Stormy Kromer

The Stormy Kromer hat has a great history dating back to 1903.  You can read the full story here.  In 2001, the brand was bought by Jacquart Fabric Products and production was moved from Milwaukee to Ironwood.  While the Stormy Kromer hat and clothing/accessory line is Jacquart Fabric Product's main product, the company also has a diverse product line that includes pet beds, banner and canvas printing, boat covers and much more.  

If you like to see how things are made or are a big fan of the Stormy Kromer, check out the Stormy Kromer factory tour. This tour runs weekdays at 1:30 and is free to the public.  This past weekend shop manager Janna had the opportunity to take the tour while traveling through the west end of the U.P.  She recommend's the tour, which was informative and fun, ending in Stormy Kromer's flagship store.

Keep up to date with Stormy Kromer on their Facebook page or visit their online store here and support this iconic Michigan Made company!