Ash's Staff Picks at Beth Millner Jewelry

Ash's Staff Picks at Beth Millner Jewelry

Holy wah, this was a tough collection to refine. Each piece of Beth's triggers fond memories of this wild and wonderful place we call home. Lake Superior, forestry, rivers, waterfalls, ice caves, regional stones, bees, owls, songbirds, the Sun, and my favorites, the Moon and night sky can be found everywhere you look here in the shop and studio. 

Rings are my go-to jewelry. They are the ultimate provoker of positive thoughts. We humans are constantly using our hands, most of us within eyeshot. Every day I wear one of these, I'm continually reminded of the things I hold dearest to my heart. 

Double banded recycled sterling silver Michigan Greenstone ring by Beth Millner Jewelry
The Michigan Greenstone Ring reminds me of my summer on Isle Royale, a pivotal experience that helped me grasp how intensely nature can nurture. I've never been happier than I was on the island—napping on beaches, canoeing around Tobin Harbor, fishing for salmon to grill over the campfire, jumping off cliffs and running into moose. Every time I see a Greenstone, no matter where I am, I'm flooded with beautiful memories. 

Recyled sterling silver ring bands with wave silhouette layers
The Wave Rings reminds me of Lake Superior—the love of my life. As a nature photographer, I’m sometimes pressured into thinking I should be amongst grand mountain ranges. Yet, every time my eyes wander the seemingly infinite horizon of this big lake and the sky above, my heart melts. 

Rose gold rustic eco-diamond twig ring engagement ring and delicate band by Beth Millner Jewelry
The Twig Ring Collection obviously reminds me of exploring in the woods–my favorite pastime. The rings in this series are so simple and strong with their message, I’m not sure if any other piece screams “nature lover” more to me than they do. And, the recycled grey diamond looks amazing next to rose gold.

Pendants are my second go-to. Besides what clothing we choose to wear, necklaces are a great way to express ourselves to others. 

Rustic Upper Peninsula cut out local copper pendant by Beth Millner Jewelry
You can often find me wearing this Rugged U.P. Pendant. I moved to the U.P. in 2012 with a broken heart and no clue of how to make life worth living. Instantly, my camera and I were inseparable beside the coast and along the trails. The rugged nature found here helped to both toughen and soften me up.

Sunset on the Chocolay River mixed metal pendant by Beth Millner JewelryHeritage Trail Pendants mixed metal handmade by Beth Millner Jewelry

The Sunset on the Chocolay River and Heritage Trail Woodland Forest pendants are not only absolutely stunning but they perfectly represent Beth's talent and intention with their carefully cutout trees, landscapes, and mixture of metals. I'd never really considered jewelry as art until I laid my eyes on Beth's work, especially these. 

I got my ears pierced about 25 years ago but never took to wearing earrings until I started working at Beth's. Now I feel a little naked without them.  

Lake Superior Post Earrings

These tiny Lake Superior Post Earrings are so sweet, I seldom can resist wearing them. They are perfect. If you're not a big earrings person but want to show off what you love, these are made for you.

Mixed metal Upper Peninsula of Michigan earrings by Beth Millner Jewelry
I'm also a huge fan of the Rooted UP Earrings as they feature UP mined copper. And the name "Rooted" gets me every time, as the five years I've spent here is the longest I've spent anywhere. I feel more rooted than I ever thought possible. 

Winter Lentil Tree Hoop Earrings
The Winter Lentil Tree earrings (coming soon!) are my final choice to share with you. Winter isn't easy all the way up here but that's why I love it. It helps us appreciate the easier, more colorful seasons and brings people together when the going gets tough. It is also absolutely gorgeous in it's own way, especially when Lake Superior's ice changes shapes throughout the days and months. Also, who doesn't love a good snowball fight? And when the snow melts, you can smell the earth and everyone is smiling... which makes all the shoveling of snow worth it.

Thanks for reading! TTYL!
Ash Williams Office Assistant at Beth Millner Jewelry