Autumn's Staff Picks at Beth Millner Jewelry

Autumn's Staff Picks at Beth Millner Jewelry

Meet Autumn, our Shop Assistant and Sales Associate. She has an excellent eye for aesthetics and loves helping customers find their soon-to-be favorite pieces. Here are some of her favorite pieces from the shop!


Double Band Sunfish Ring

Recycled sterling silver double banded sunfish ring by Beth Millner Jewelry

The wide selection of double band rings designed by Beth speak to those who value comfort, practicality and aesthetic. Each of these rings is adorned with a nature inspired design such as waves, daffodils and my personal favorite - the sunfish.

This ring is a delicate reminder of days spent in a boat or on a rocky shore, fishing with Dad. Even though I can hardly tell I’m wearing it, once it’s on, anytime I notice it out of the corner of my eye I’m warmed by the memories it inspires.


Sterling Silver Lake Superior Studs

Autumn Office Assistant with Lake Superior agate and silver post earrings by Beth Millner Jewelry

With countless pieces depicting my favorite place on earth (Michigan’s North Coast), picking just one Lake Superior inspired set of earrings was tough! After careful deliberation I did come to the conclusion that my favorite in its class was the set of Sterling Silver Lake Superior Studs.

These speak to me. It’s a combination of the iconic shape, minimalist design and wearability. These are perfect for subtly complimenting any outfit or as the pair you end up never taking out!


Long Copper Lake Superior Agate Pendant

Copper Banded Lake Superior Agate Oval Pendant by Beth Millner Jewelry

If you’ve ever been into Beth’s shop, you’ll know most pieces/materials have a story. This cream color, copper banded agate was formed in the Keweenaw, the only place in the world copper banded agates are found. I’m particularly fond of this stone not only because it is completely unique and beautiful, but also because it reminds me of my favorite caffeinated beverage - a cappuccino!


Greenstone Summer Twig Ring

Michigan Greenstone and recycled sterling silver double banded twig ring by Beth Millner Jewelry

You know how sometimes you just fall in love and you can’t shake the thought of this person… or thing. That’s me! I’m head over heels for this ring! The bold, green depths of the stone combined with the twig band is simply a regal, eye-catching design. In addition to the color of stone, the shape of this particular Greenstone lends it’s majesty - it’s almost perfectly round. I would wear this ring daily, as either a staple in my wardrobe, or a non-traditional engagement ring.


Reversible Tiny Tree Mixed Metal Charm

Reversible mixed metal recycled copper and sterling silver tiny tree charm by Beth Millner Jewelry

This little tree is synonymous with Beth’s style and is cut into U.P. copper and sterling silver. The charm can be worn as a dainty pendant, or as intended, on a charm bracelet or bangle. I chose this as my last pick to represent my appreciation for the rustic, warm aesthetic copper brings to a piece. The reversible feature is common among Beth’s work, and in this case allows the piece to compliment silver jewelry.