Beth's Staff Picks

Beth's Staff Picks

Meteor Shower at Dawn Wonderland Pendant

This is such a statement piece, and perfect for those looking to standout. I don't make many large pieces, but when I set out on making one, I throughly enjoy it. I can explore new ideas and concepts when working on a larger scale, so they are some of my favorite to make in a creative sense. Wonderland's are also pieces that are one-of-a-kind, and who doesn't love that? And of course, I'm a bit biased to Michigan Greenstone since it is our State Gemstone. 

Beth Millner wearing Greenstone Wonderland by Beth Millner Jewelry


Lakeshore Sunset Earrings

I'm really enjoying these new earrings from the Pictured Rocks Series—I've worn them everyday since the launched. They are a beautiful, unique shape that I have yet to work with, and was excited to release. I think the shape is very flattering for all face shapes. They also have the mixed-metal element, so they can go with just about any outfit you own. And, the sun. I am a sucker for anything with a sunrise or sunset.

Mixed Metal Celestial Pendants and Earrings by Beth Millner Jewelry


Dewdrop Forest Ring

The agate in this Dewdrop Forest Ring is beautiful! Agates are my favorite stone to work with—I just love them. I believe this ring can go with anything. It is the perfect everyday signature staple ring, or it would even be perfect for an engagement ring or as an anniversary present. It was a design I really enjoyed creating because of the mirrored aspect to it, with the leaves and diamonds on the top and bottom of the ring. 

Lake Superior Stone Ring by Beth Millner Jewelry


Delicate Dewdrop Ring

This ring has such a delicate look, but is very sturdy and I love that about this piece. Rose Gold looks great on all skin tones, and I like that it looks like copper. This is a perfect ring for someone looking to have a striking, non-traditional engagement ring

Michigan Greenstone Pendant and Ring by Beth Millner Jewelry


Sunset on Twelve Mile Beach Pendant

This is another piece that launched with our Pictured Rocks Series and is inspired by the National Lakeshore—specifically Twelve Mile Beach located in Grand Marais. The beaches there are a beautiful mix of sand and rock, so doing the pebble texture in this piece was inevitable. I think this piece is just the perfect pendant size for all, and I love how this pendant matches so well with the Lakeshore Sunset Earringsthey really ended up being an unintentional set. 

Sunset on Twelve Mile Beach Pendant by Beth Millner Jewelry