Beth Millner Jewelry Is Encouraging Environmental Awareness

Beth Millner Jewelry Is Encouraging Environmental Awareness

We recently heard of Arhaus' efforts in the community to spread awareness and tips on how to be more environmentally sustainable. Environmentalism is at the heart of what we do here, so naturally we were eager to get on board.

Like Beth Millner Jewelry, Arhaus is dedicated to environmental sustainability. They've been making gorgeous furniture since 1986 with a strong commitment to the planet.

The beautiful infographic was assembled by their team featuring a little piece of advice from us. 

Beth Millner Jewelry Is Encouraging Environmental Awareness

The ultimate environmental advice is to reduce, reuse, and recycle. It may seem cliche but the phrase has stuck around for good reason.

Reducing our consumption of energy, products, and natural resources is key. Reusing as much as possible makes a huge difference. And recycling what you can't reuse is important as well.

Reducing and reusing is easier on the planet and your wallet! Both Beth Millner Jewelry and Arhaus take these virtues seriously and apply them to our business models. 

We use only recycled metals and diamonds to craft our artisan jewelry, avoid chemicals in production and cleaning, reuse packaging materials, and recycle everything we can. We also recently purchased two solar panels in our community solar garden! 

Arhaus uses recycled materials to turn them into beautiful things. In their words,"We recycle copper into tabletops, harvest tree roots and transform them into chairs. We find forgotten antiques and give them new life. And Arhaus remains committed to never using wood from our endangered rain forests." You can find countless examples of sustainable products just by checking out their site. Take a look at their kitchen tables, many of which are made with Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified wood.

Doing good for our Earth is a global effort and each person has the power to make a difference. 

Follow along with us and Arhaus knowing you are following and supporting eco-friendly companies. 

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