Beth's Entry for the Halstead Design Challenge

Beth's Entry for the Halstead Design Challenge


Beth Millner “Abundance” Artist Statement:

After months away from home due to a serious renovation, being back in a house surrounded by my natural environment served as my primary inspiration in designing “Abundance.” My pace of life and design aesthetic are heavily influenced by hidden signs of wildlife I witness on a daily basis. While it certainly felt I was running in circles (and chasing my tail) during the house remodel, now that the project is finished I can reflect on and appreciate life’s cyclical nature. This piece is a reminder that what we often see as a constant struggle to survive can instead be interpreted as a thriving existence full of abundance.



The Halstead Design Challenge 

The Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG) hosts an annual design challange as a fundraiser. Makers purchase a kit with surprise materials and are required to use at least 50% of the kit materials as well as incorporating one found object.

This year's theme is "hidden", encouraging artists to engage their audience with elements of mystery and secrecy. Beth's piece "Abundance" was chosen among a handful of others to be displayed at the SNAG annual conference in Portland, Oregon where the top 6 artists will receive prizes for their work.The top three winners are awarded varying cash prizes and are featured in video blogs and print publications.  

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