Bringing More Joy by Ambassador Jennifer

Bringing More Joy by Ambassador Jennifer
More Joy... That is one of my big life themes... How can I be in a state of joy?  
How can I bring others joy?
When I am happy, others respond and bring out some of their joyful feelings to match mine.  In this way we can lift each other up with just a smile or a thank you.
There are many ways we can bring more good into this world, but the first way starts inside ourselves.  We can change ourselves more than we can change anything else.  

So how do you cultivate feelings of joy (even when you're not feeling it?)
I like to give myself reminders. Humming Bird Ring by Beth Millner Jewelry
This Beth Millner Hummingbird ring is one of them.  The hummingbird reminds me of JOY - flashing colors, beautiful flowers, and a quest for sweetness.  That's why I chose this ring - to remind myself to be in a state of joy.
I have wanted one of Beth's rings since I worked for her in 2008!
It is going to be so fun to wear this new treat around!!