Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring

Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring

So you've found a partner that fits you, congratulations! Now how do you find a ring that fits them? Some great starter questions are:

What is their lifestyle and personality like? 
What kind of jewelry do they usually wear? 
What do you love about them? 

Finding one That Fits

Most of us don't know our partner's ring size offhand, and that's okay. If you've spoken to your partner in the past about getting engaged, you can stop in the shop to get sized, or order a ring sizer, which can be shipped to you wherever you are.

If you're trying to keep the proposal a complete surprise, there are some options you might consider. All of our rings are handmade, and because of this, we can usually adjust the size of the ring after you've proposed. If you'd like to propose with a stone that can't be resized, you can take an unset stone ring and bring it back to be set after the proposal. So don't sweat about the sizing, we're here to help! 

For an Active Partner

Active lifestyle partners need a ring that is durable and comfortable. Lucky for you, Beth Millner rings are designed to be comfortable with flattened edges so they won't catch on things throughout an active day. 

Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring

 Pictured: Starry Diamond Sky Ring


Many of our rings are created using recycled sterling silver which holds up well over years of wear. For a stronger option, we also have rings made with rose, yellow, and palladium white gold

For someone who uses their hands often throughout their days, the extra durability is well worth the extra investment. The Enchanted Rose Rustic Diamond Twig Ring below is made in rose gold for the beautiful color and enhanced durability.  

Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring

Traditional Stones

Diamonds are a traditional symbol of lasting love due to their durability. We ethically source all of our diamonds from recycled and industrial sources. This means we can guarantee that our stones are eco-friendly and conflict free. 

We offer choose your own options for our rustic diamond rings so that you can be certain you'll be satisfied with the color of the stone. These diamonds can vary from brown to grey to black, and everything in between! They are absolutely radiant and a unique take on tradition.

Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring

Sapphires are another traditional engagement stone, and they have become more popular in recent years. Sapphires are the second hardest stone next to diamond, and are tough enough to last a lifetime. We offer the option in all of our diamond and rustic diamond twig rings. It's a great way to add 'something blue' to your special day!

Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring


Non-traditional Stones

Many of our customers prefer to steer away from tradition, and are looking for a natural, earthy design. We offer a variety of choose your own, Lake Superior Gemstone rings for this reason! These stones are locally sourced and carry the love and power of Lake superior. 

Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring


No Stone 

We have many gorgeous rings that contain rolling landscapes, serene wave scenes, and even simple textured bands. Keeping it simple is an elegant way to go and many partners prefer an understated piece of jewelry. 

The rolling waves of the Silver Wave rings symbolize the never-ending currents of love and the rejuvenation it can offer. 

Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring


Custom Rings

If a design we offer needs some tweaking to make it perfect for you, or you are interested in a custom design, reach out to us for a custom quote! We offer custom ring work from January - June of each year, and would be happy to work with you to make your special day even more special. 

Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring

We're Here To Help! 

At the end of the day if your heart is in the right place and you consider what your partner will love, then you can't go wrong. We are always happy to help in-store, via phone, or via email. Reach out and tell us all about your love and we'll help you find the ring. 

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