Dripping in Silver by Ambassador Jennifer

Dripping in Silver by Ambassador Jennifer
That's how I felt the moment I put on the Picnic Rocks Earrings from Beth Millner Jewelry.  Magnificent like a queen.  Now every time I put them on I get that same Magnificent feeling.  Oooh laaa laaa!

These earrings are so special to me because they remind me of one of my most favorite beaches in Marquette - Picnic Rocks.
Picnic Rocks Earrings 
I taught Tai Chi there for years - the energy is so sweet.  
The shade of the forest offering cool in the summer heat. 
I know this beach so well - that I actively ask the earrings to help bring me back to that place I love.  Like a lucky charm!
Picnic Rocks Series
Beth's pieces are like a little painting... in metal.
The imagery draws you right into the scene.
What incredible art.
Picnic Rocks here I come!!