Four Hidden Gem Activities in Marquette, Michigan!

Five Hidden Gem Activities in Marquette, Michigan!

There are plenty of guides to Marquette, Michigan with suggestions about where you should visit while you're here. But, as locals, we've noticed that a few key places are often left off the list! So here are our favorite, little known (or rarely recommended) locations to see while you're here! Plus, we've paired each with an actual gem for a little extra fun. 

4 - Mount Marquette

Although it is often left off travel guides, Mount Marquette offers incredible views of the city, and is one of the few mountains that offers a drive-to-the-top option. On snowy and muddy days you'll have to hike to the top, but if it's dry most cars can handle the steep incline.

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3 - Shiras Planetarium

Located in the high school, Shiras Planetarium puts on a variety of laser light shows, Night Sky Tours, and family friendly Campfire Under the Stars events. If you're interested in astronomy, this is a cool place to check out. 

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2 - Wright Street Falls

This gem might be so hidden that you'll need a local to take you there. Located off Wright Street, this scenic outlook features some small waterfalls, a bridge, and a graffiti tunnel. There are also hiking and biking trails through the woods.

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1 - Shiras Pond and Bog Walk

While visiting Marquette, you should stop by the Moosewood Nature Center at Presque Isle Park. They can navigate you to the Shiras Pond - an old pool that was taken over by wildlife and was repurposed into a pond. The path around it is both scenic and educational. Plus, it's just a short walk from Black Rocks and a lighthouse! 

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