From the North Coast With Love by Tiffany Nutt

From the North Coast With Love by Tiffany Nutt

I traveled south last month with family in tow—more like I was the family in tow as myself, my husband and sister navigated toward the Atlantic to meet up with my extended family. Thanks in part to my in-laws, we had a little getaway and family time which was much needed after what seemed like one of the longest winters in a while (although we do like winter). We experienced amusement rides, sunshine, citrus trees, a pizza floaty poolside, and of course, the ocean. 

The ocean is so vast and beautiful. The beaches we visited were covered in hot, bleached sandthe kind that you need to run across until you reach the oasis of the waves. I have always loved the water. I was a swimmer, a swim instructor, and a lifeguard. I love kayaking, boarding, floating, and just about anything you can do in the water. Water is a life force that intrigues me. I enjoy watching documentaries and being immersed in the learning of oceans and various bodies of water. As a human, it seems otherworldly. I also know about the dangers of water (or the lack of a healthy fear of it). This trip caused me to question which type of coast I prefer—would I rather be lakeside or oceanside? 

Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Tiffany

I am hands down a lakeside girl. The natural areas of Michigan seem to be just the right amount of water for me. I’ll be honest, I’m not a born yooper, but my mum is (it will always be in my blood). I will always enjoy lakes, while still dangerous, they seem to hold the mystery I am interested in. That freshwater calls to me more than salty waves. The areas hold more memories for me. I feel more connected because of these memories. I have experienced Lake Superior in many ways—swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, jumping off Black Rocks—but it was nice to have a little reminder when I was on my trip.

As it happened I brought a piece of Lake Superior with me down south. I did this in the form of one of my favorite BMJ pieces—the Superior Sunset Silhouette Ring in the classic copper and silver combo. I always include copper in my jewelry, it’s an element I like, plain and simple. Apart from that personal choice, copper holds a significance to this area of the U.P. and that classic silhouette of the lake is unmistakable. I love traveling and experiencing new things but being able to represent my home in this way is always a treat. Sharing with strangers about Marquette when they point out my ring is always special. Some people admire the artistry, some people recognize the outline—whatever they see, I think they can tell it's my home. 

Superior Sunset Silhouette Ring by Beth Millner Jewelry