Hannah's Staff Picks

Hannah's Staff Picks

Back in 2012, I was an 18-year-old senior in high school and lifelong jewelry addict dragging her mother to Beth Millner Jewelry’s grand opening. I don’t recall why or how we ended up outside the shop, but when I see the word “jewelry,” I am a moth fluttering to the bright light.

When I opened the door and peered inside the display cases, it became love at first sight. I hemmed and hawed over whether I should invest all the money I had earned working at Quiznos, but my mom was the voice of reason hanging over my shoulder reminding me that next fall I would be off to college—a.k.a. broke. I walked out empty handed, but wouldn’t stop rambling about the day I’d be back to make a purchase.

Fast forward to today, and not only have I purchased pieces from Beth over the years, but I’m now lucky enough to work here in the shop! I wonder what 18-year-old Hannah would think…

Picking a few of my favorite pieces is a daunting task—I’d gladly take the whole shop home with me—though, there are a few that reign supreme and rise above the rest. So, let’s get into them!


Celestial Lovers Reversible Pendant

When Valentine’s Day rolled around this year and when I saw the Celestial Lovers pieces, I nearly fell backwards off my chair. I’ve always been someone who is very drawn to the moon, and seeing the gorgeous night-scape on this pendant had me sold. I NEEDED it. In February, the finance gods were not on my side, but I still went into the shop to purchase the Little Long Celestial Lovers Reversible Pendant—I needed something from this Valentine’s launch. Months later, and my first purchase as an employee here at Beth Millner Jewelry was this pendant. The pull this pendant had on me was too hard to resist, and I gifted myself an early 25th birthday present. Now this moonchild can wear the night sky all cancer season long.

Hannah Wearing Celestial Lovers Reversible Pendant by Beth Millner Jewelry


Lake Superior Silver Ring

Although we no longer carry this particular ring (other gorgeous Lake Superior pieces can be found here), it is one I hold close to my heart because it was a sentimental gift, so I had to add it to my list. I adore Lake Superior, and everyone in my life knows my obsession with this body of water. So when I graduated from Michigan State, my parents wanted to make sure I took Superior with me no matter where I may wander. Little did they know, I’d make my way right back to Mother Superior’s coasts following commencement.

Lake Superior Silver Ring by Beth Millner Jewelry


Pictured Rocks Pendant

Just as Lake Superior holds a special place in my heart, so does Pictured Rocks. Way back when my family very first moved to the Yoop, we lived in Munising for a handful of weeks. While our family of five lived out of a cramped two bedroom apartment in the summer heat, we made it a point to spend our days outside with room to breathe so we didn't go completely crazy. It was then when we explored the Pictured Rocks Shoreline, and it was love at first sight. Part of why I moved back to the U.P. after college was Pictured Rocks. I hike the 10-mile Chapel Loop religiously. So when Beth FINALLY told us she was making Pictured Rocks inspired pieces, I kind of lost it. I am especially in love with this particular one since I am a silver lover. And yes, it comes with me on all my Chapel Loop hikes. 

Pictured Rocks Pendant by Beth Millner Jewelry


 New Beginnings Pendant

Aside from loving the name of this pendant, it is one that brings me back to childhood. Something about this pendant reminds me of the times I spent as a kid at my grandparent’s camp in Vermont. I would sleep on the futon out on the screen porch and wake up to the sound of waves, and the view of the sun rising over Lake Champlain. This pendant is true nostalgia for me.

New Beginnings Pendant by Beth Millner Jewelry

Mini Superior Gales Earrings

If you ever spot me around town, nine times out of ten, I will be wearing these earrings. I may have made this evident by now, but I am drawn to water so naturally, my everyday earrings are going to have a tie to it. These babies are subtle, yet elegant. They go with everything! Dress them up or down—I have worn them to weddings and days on the beach. And, the shape of them complements every face shape. Basically, I believe they are the perfect earrings, and they are a true everyday must have for me.

Hannah wearing the Mini Superior Gales Earrings by Beth Millner Jewelry


Great Lake Gemstone Rings

My jewelry collection is made up of 85% rings with stones. I am a stone girl through and through. You never know what you're going to get with a stone, and each one is uniquely it's own—I think that's what I love so much about them. They can be bold, they can be chunky, and they just catch the eye when you wear them. I love stone rings that have an interesting shape, and of course, the bigger the better. I want people to stare at my rings when I talk to them, and be interrupted so they can ask, "What stone is that?" Currently, my Copper Agate ring is a daily wardrobe staple. If you see me out and I'm not wearing it, something is wrong. I adore how each Copper Agate has its own captivating ribboning of copper throughout. And, fun fact: the only place in the world you can find Copper Agates is in the Keweenaw Peninsula! I wear a true, physical piece of  home everyday—I love that. And yes, you can wear a gemstone ring on every, and any finger. It is not too much. Rock it! 


Hannah wearing the Copper Banded Agate Double Band Ring by Beth Millner Jewelry


So there you have it, folks, my top Beth Millner Jewelry pieces—at least for now!