Five Reasons Why You'll Love Sapphires

Five Reasons Why You'll Love Sapphires

We're excited to announce a new variation to our Twig Collection designour Sapphire and Roses Twig Ring! In addition to this new style, we'll also be offering a Sapphire option in all of our diamond and rustic diamond Twig rings! Check them out in our new Choose Your Stone section in the Wedding Collection.

So, what is it about sapphires that got our attention? Below, we've listed the five best things about the gemstone!

5. Sapphires are Strong

They're sturdy enough to withstand a lifetime of wear - they're the second hardest, natural stone next to diamond. 

Five Reasons Why You

Pictured: Sapphire and Roses Twig Ring

4. Sapphires are Symbolic

Sapphires symbolize faithfulness, good fortune, and wisdom—all great things to bring into a marriage. Legend has it that it can bring harmony between lovers. The color is reminiscent of water, and the night sky.

Additionally, Sapphires are the birthstone for the month of September, and the traditional 5th, 10th, and 45th wedding anniversary presents. 

Five Reasons Why You

Pictured: Sapphire and Roses Twig and Timber Rings

3. Sapphires are Unique

Our customers love a natural, non-traditional aesthetic. Sapphires are earthy, unique, and mystical. They are a timeless way to bring a pop of color to an engagement setting and 'something blue' to a wedding ceremony. 

Five Reasons Why You

Pictured: Rose Gold Diamond and Roses, Chocolate and Roses and Sapphire and Roses Twig Rings

2. Sapphires Have a Reduced Environmental Impact

Sapphires are generally mined in countries with more strict regulations surrounding gemstone mining. Most stones are mined on a small, artisanal scale that brings economic empowerment to communities. Although all types of mining create some environmental impact, impact reduction and reforestation efforts are common in many of these communities. 

Five Reasons Why You

Pictured: Sapphire and Roses and Narrow Rose Gold Twig Rings

1. Sapphires are Beautiful

Just like your love story. 

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