Introducing the VIP Program at Beth Millner Jewelry!

Introducing  the VIP Program at Beth Millner Jewelry!

Each and every person who walks through our door or clicks through our website is special to us. Many of you share our values of art, quality, and sustainability which gives us some common ground. 

A handful of our supporters truly go above and beyond and we figured it's about time we pay them some recognition. For that reason, we are rolling out a brand new VIP program this month! 

VIP customers get extra special treatment with benefits like:

  • Personalized birthday cards with a discount
  • Access to our private VIP facebook group
  • Early access to new lines of jewelry
  • Early viewing of new designs before they are revealed publicly
  • Free Shipping on all orders 
    & More!

VIP customers are currently chosen annually based on the quantity of lifetime purchases and total amount of yearly transactions. 

We will be sending out a welcome email to all our VIP customers for 2018 this month so keep an eye out to see if you qualify. Thank you for all of your support!

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