Janna's Staff Picks

Janna's Staff Picks

Tree at Dawn Earrings

I love that these earrings are the reverse of what you'd expect. The copper being the main metal featured really speaks to the dawn when the sky becomes deep with a radiant glow. They are just perfect for everyday wear with the size and shapenoticeable, and go with everything. Also, they are made from U.P. copper! What's not to love about that? 

Shop Manager Janna Wearing Tree at Dawn Earrings by Beth Millner Jewelry


Sunset on the Chocolay River Pendant

This pendant is like a mini painting hanging around your neck! It is small, but the detail on it are impeccable. I can't help but think of summer memories kayaking down the Chocolay, and watching the sun fall closer to Lake Superior at the basin. It's unique, made up of that U.P. copper, and a very Beth looking piece. Whenever I wear it, I get compliments plenty! 

Shop Manager Janna Wearing Sunset on the Chocolay River Pendant by Beth Millner Jewelry


Picnic Rocks Pendant

The pebbles on this pendant have to be my favorite thing. It's not often that you see this kind of texture on jewelry, so I love that originality aspect. The amount of mixed metal used is perfect. I have a certain connection to Pebble Beach here in Marquette, so that is what really draws me to this particular piece. Every time I see this pendant, I think back to a time where Beth and I went to picnic Rocks to photograph another collection. The seagulls were especially vocal that day with their screeching, and I had never seen so many of them out on the rocks like I did that day. Not long after that, Beth created the Picnic Rocks collection.

Shop Manager Janna Wearing Picnic Rocks Pendant by Beth Millner Jewelry


Enchanted Rose Rustic Diamond Twig Ring 

Copper tones are my personal favorite in jewelry. I think this ring looks good on every skin tone because the rose gold emulates copper. The rustic diamonds you can choose from are gorgeous and really standout in the setting. I also love rustic diamonds as unique alternative for engagement rings if you are looking for something a bit more unconventional. It is such a dainty and tasteful design, but is strong and sturdy in its composition. 

Enchanted Rose Rustic Diamond Twig Ring by Beth Millner Jewelry

Mom's Ring (Custom Ring)

A piece I wear everyday is my custom ring. It is made from one of my mother's rose gold rings, and each diamond represents one of my girls. So, I can carry my mom and girls with me daily. The family representation of this ring makes it my most sentimental, and I love that we are able to offer the customization of rings for our customers as well. And it has the most stunning copper agate, which is by far my favorite gemstone

Custom Ring by Beth Millner Jewelry