"Jewelry as a Connection" by Ambassador Marissa

"Jewelry as a Connection" by Ambassador Marissa

Anyone who knows me knows I have a “work jewelry” collection. This collection is composed of various earrings, necklaces, and rings relevant to my line of work at the nature center I work at. I have earrings made of fossils, acorns, and woven fabric, all to help me be the coolest “super cool nature school” teacher I can be. When I discovered Beth Millner Jewelry, her wildlife jewelry became a large part of my work jewelry collection. 

Wildlife Collection handmade by Beth Millner Jewelry

Now, what I actually do at work is called “interpretation.” It revolves around “interpreting” nature in a fun, interactive way to a non-captive audience while connecting to them. Basically, I have to be interesting or people will slowly inch away from me to escape. Interpretation looks and feels different to everyone, but for me, I focus on connecting with people first and then connecting them with the surrounding nature. 

Question for any parents of teens out there- how easy is it to connect with teenagers? In my experience, quite a bit harder than with little kiddos or grandparents. A huge way I connect with teen visitors, especially girls, is my jewelry. Everyone has their own style, but jewelry is pretty commonplace to the 13-somethings of the world. Be it chokers, mood rings, polymer clay earrings, or anything else, teenagers love a good statement piece.

Jewelry Ambassador Marissa wearing the Butterfly Pendant handmade by Beth Millner Jewlery

My favorite example of a connection made possible by my jewelry is a sweet memory I hold near and dear to my heart. A teenage girl arrived at the nature center, a bit grumpy and grumbly because she anticipated she was in for an hour of her little brother dragging their parents around from exhibit to exhibit, leaving her in the dust to be bored and uninterested. Sensing her lack of excitement, I approached her and just said a friendly “hello.” Shortly after, she complimented my Beth Millner Jewelry butterfly necklace and we struck up a wonderful conversation about butterflies and other pollinators. When I was able to point out a pipevine swallowtail butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, and eventually sipping on some nearby nectar, she was ecstatic. Through the power of connection, I was thrilled to be able to turn her boring day into an exciting one, hunting for caterpillars and butterflies, a conversation that may not have happened without that piece of jewelry acting as a conversation starter. 

pipevine swallowtail butterfly emerging from its chrysalis

Jewelry connects different ages, unites similar passions, and inspires us to seek out our surroundings. This is what I love about my jewelry collection. Such a simple thing, something one might consider a bauble, can be given the power of connection if one knows how to harness it. That being said,“with great power comes great responsibility.” May I suggest a spider inspired jewelry piece, Beth Miller Jewelry team? *wink* Super cool nature school lady over and out.