"Just Because" by Ambassador Marissa

"Just Because" by Ambassador Marissa

Growing up, my mom, the most wonderful, funny, strong woman I know, had a favorite children’s book she used to read to my sister and I. It was called Not Today, and featured a little girl and her mother on a shopping trip. Every time the little girl asked for something, a doll, a candy bar, the mother sang, “not today.” As you may have guessed, my mom loved to use this phrase when she took myself and my sister shopping. And eventually, this phrase allowed me to understand I was not entitled to the newest shiny toy, the newest gadget.

Now, the opposite of “not todays” was “just becauses.” A “just because” was an unexpected gift, not given on a birthday or holiday, but at a random time and place. And they had different meanings. Sometimes, a “just because” meant that my mom was thinking about me. Sometimes, it meant she was proud of me, not because of a certain test grade or tennis match, but just because of who I was. 

Marissa, Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador, with partner Sean

When I entered into my romantic relationship with my wonderful partner, Sean, I taught him about the “not todays” and “just becauses.” Such simple concepts but they truly made life sweeter; every surprise held a little more meaning and a little less expectation. Now, Sean is the love of my life, but I will admit, at first, gift-giving did not come easily to him. Gifting was not his love language, he would much prefer a movie night in or a ball game out, than to pick out something more physical to gift.

One day, while I was visiting him in Oklahoma (we are currently long distance), we were sitting on his couch and he produced a small black box from his pocket (no, not that kind of jewelry box, not yet anyways *wink wink* ). With a twinkle in his eyes and a small smile on his face, he handed me the box, saying, “just because.” Nestled inside were the chickadee perched earrings from Beth Millner Jewelry, chickadees my favorite bird, Beth Millner, my favorite jewelry artist.

copper perched chickadee earrings handmade by Beth Millner Jewelry

This “just because” was the sweetest surprise I never expected and for what seemed like the millionth time, my mind whispered, oh my goodness, I love this man. She doesn’t even know but Beth Millner and her team set the scene for one of our sweetest moments and most memorable “just becauses.” Now, as we live 800 miles apart, I wear these chickadee earrings nearly every other day as a reminder of our love, and the power of a “just because.”