Lauren's Beth Millner Jewelry Staff Picks

Lauren's Beth Millner Jewelry Staff Picks
It's safe to say in the fifteen months I have worked at Beth Millner Jewelry, I've fallen in love a few times with the unique, nature-inspired pieces. What I love most of all about Beth's jewelry is that it is made with the environment in mind. I feel good about wearing and sharing her pieces made with recycled metals! My all-time favorite piece is the Delicate Dewdrop Ring pictured above. I often joke about getting it as an engagement ring to myself! I adore the calming hue of the Michigan greenstone, combined with the romance of rose gold and the sparkle of the recycled diamond. 
New Beginnings On The Shoreline Earrings by Beth Millner Jewelry
My first loves at the shop were these New Beginnings On The Shoreline earrings, so much that I bought them! The sentiment that every sunrise is a new beginning is so important to me. I practice and teach meditation and this new beginning concept is key to coming into presence. Every breath is a new beginning! Plus you can catch me on the shoreline on my best days, so these beauties naturally stole my heart. 
Beth Millner Jewelry Lauren's Staff Picks Set
In the Fall of 2018, I had the opportunity to participate in the PureMichigan Fall photoshoot in Marquette, and picked a set of Beth's jewelry to accompany me! 
I chose the Copper Perched Chickadee earrings because I love having little birdies whispering in my ear. I paired them with my favorite U.P. pieces, the Grown in the Upper Peninsula pendant which is stunning and meaningful with the Upper Peninsula of Michigan Profile Ring. These beauties are the perfect trail buddies as they are durable and so comfortable! 
Lauren's Beth Millner Jewelry Staff Picks
Our initial charms are one of my favorite simple beauties. I wear mine on a tiny loopy chain almost every day. This one I got for my little sister, Gracie for her 13th birthday! These cute charms are perfect to represent new babies in the family or for a sweet little gift! 
Beth Millner Jewelry Lauren's Staff Picks
Black Rocks at Presque Isle Marquette Michigan
My final favorite (for now) is the Presque Isle Pendant which also comes in a smaller version, Little Presque Isle. I love these pieces because I LOVE these places. Presque Isle is a gorgeous gem of an island about 8 miles from the shop in Marquette, MI. The adventures I have had here are so dear to me and I think of them fondly every time I see this design!
Everyone has a different style and we all find unique things we love. Any staff member here would be happy to show you all their favorites anytime! Keep us in mind for your woman-owned, handmade, eco-friendly jewelry needs.