"Lists" by Ambassador Paige

"Lists" by Ambassador Paige

Grocery lists, to-do lists, check lists.... We make a lot of lists throughout our lives. It usually has to do with helping to remember what we came to the store for, organizing tasks to meet a deadline, taking inventory, etc. and usually aren’t as fun as they were back when we made Christmas lists every snowfall in anticipation of those shiny gifts under the tree.

For myself, making lists feels therapeutic, similar to coloring in a coloring book or doing a word search puzzle. I enjoy the easy flow of thought when thinking of “things that are blue” or “my favorite smells” or “things I am excited about for fall” such as:

  • Crunchy leaf noises

  • Flannels fresh out of the dryer

  • Pumpkin pie crust, specifically

  • Thick socks in boots

  • Chilly, but sunny days

  • Those super in-style felt hats

  • Deep red and bright orange trees

  • The “crisp” smell

  • Quiet tourist towns

  • Tall, skinny pumpkins

But I do think my favorite kinds of lists are wish lists. And speaking of that, here are some of my favorite Beth Millner Jewelry pieces that speak to me and maybe to you too

  1. Lake Superior Agate Ring
    The only way to get a truly “one-of-a-kind” piece of jewelry is to snag a Lake Superior Agate because the big lake never makes two quite the same. I love the intricate details of the stone against the simple and elegant setting of this BMJ piece.

"Lists" by Ambassador Paige

  1. Mini Superior Gales Earrings
    I am a bit partial to these earrings because I already have the matching pendant! I really love the season-less design (summer waves, winter waves, gales of November, etc.) and the sturdy latch on the back. I wouldn’t have to worry about losing an earring dancing or going off the beaten path 😊

"Lists" by Ambassador Paige

  1. Crescent Moon Post Earrings
    Because I have double pierced ears, what a perfect thing to match with my #2 wish. Crescent moons over the waves. We all have those earrings that we leave in for weeks (maybe months??) at a time, and these are going to be my next staple!

"Lists" by Ambassador Paige

  1. Lake Superior Copper Agate Drop Pendant
    Copper replacement agates are one of the Seven Wonders of the U.P. and the gem of the Keweenaw. BMJ also features copper replacement agates in ring form too! This particular pendant reminds me of the tide against the shore and colorful rock beaches of the Keweenaw.

"Lists" by Ambassador Paige

  1. Lake Superior Agate Cuff
    Another agate piece, can you tell I have a favorite stone? Cuffs remind me of southwestern jewelry usually adorned with turquoise or spiny oyster gems. This Michigan take is gorgeous and would go great with a rolled-up sleeved flannel.

"Lists" by Ambassador Paige

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make that fun wish-list :) And use code BAPC10 if your fun list includes some BMJ treasures.

Take care, -P