Meet Gordon Gearhart, featured Artisan Goods artist

Meet Gordon Gearhart, featured Artisan Goods artist

Gordon Gearhart is a metalsmith and artist who attended Northern Michigan University and moved back to the Marquette area permanently in 1997. Since then, he has participated in a variety of art and craft shows and has shown work at the Devos Art Museum, the Bonifas Fine Arts Center, and the Marquette Arts and Culture Center among others. 

On his website, he describes what he loves about blacksmithing, saying, "Through blacksmithing, a direct shaping occurs which leaves the imprint of process. The hammer striking the heated iron results in surface texture and form. As the maker, I control the movement of the tools, thereby controlling the movement of the metal. The objects made exhibit the contact of hammer with hot iron as well as the movement resulting from this contact. Whether artifacts are sculptural or utilitarian, it is the manipulation of the iron from which they are made which interests me."

Gordon Gearhart, Blacksmith

Gordon's work is precise, and his designs embody natural movement. This made him an easy choice for a collaboration. We are so excited that he was able to capture Beth's work in a new medium. The Woodland Conifer Forest Belt Buckle that he created is made with steel, a durable choice that will last a lifetime. 

Woodland Conifer Forest Belt Buckle sold exclusively at Beth Millner Jewelry

A fun fact about Gordon is that he studied under Dale Wedig while he was at Northern. Dale was also Beth's metalsmithing instructor while she was at NMU, and is our leather artist Bella Wedig's dad! Living in a small community leads to so many wonderful connections, and we're grateful to be able to work with these amazing artists!