Meet Marissa, Summer '21 Jewelry Ambassador!

Meet Marissa, Summer '21 Jewelry Ambassador!

I’m Marissa Lindstrom, a born and raised Michigan gal currently residing in Murray, Kentucky with my best friend, Kristin, and our very sassy cat, Willow. Born in Holland, MI, I grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan, exploring dunes and old growth forests, getting muddy catching frogs, and freckling in the sun. So naturally, when it came time to choose a college and career, I chose to head north to Northern Michigan University, where I earned my Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies and Sustainability. Through working with native flora, fauna, studying sustainability, food systems, and so much more, I realized being an interpretive naturalist and environmental educator is my true passion (I love to tell people I’m a “super cool nature school teacher”). I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working as a naturalist in Michigan, Alaska, and now Kentucky (where I scored my first “big girl” job)!

Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Marissa's cat Willow

Our sassy pet cat, Willow.


As a naturalist, I spend my time at the nature center I work at engaging with visitors about native flora and fauna, caring for our rescued wildlife, and promoting and inspiring a love of the outdoors and a strong conservation ethic. I also often have the opportunity to interpret wild animals that visit the backyard of the nature center (I LOVE using my Beth Millner’s wildlife jewelry as references for butterflies, woodpeckers, songbirds, and hummingbirds). In short, I absolutely love my career and all the challenges, new ideas, and adventures every day brings. My career also allows me to promote sustainability and foster a love of conservation in children and adults alike. 

Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Marissa working with local wildlife

On the job as an environmental educator.


This environmental consciousness is one of the main reasons I feel so connected to Beth Millner Jewelry. I first discovered this true Marquette gem on a rainy day in college, running to the Co-Op across the street for a few groceries. After shopping, I decided to duck in the unassuming and charming store, and to my surprise I found shelf upon shelf of beautifully handcrafted jewelry, made out of recycled metals and featuring the Michigan stones and gemstones I grew up collecting. And just like that, I fell. That day, I bought a pendant for myself and one for my sister. In the months after, I purchased a beautiful set of earrings featuring woodpeckers and then, one day, my most wonderful partner, Sean, gifted me a set of chickadee earrings (my favorite bird). 

Needless to say, I’m very much a fan of Beth Millner Jewelry, which was why I applied to be an ambassador this summer! Not only does Beth specialize in recycled metals and stones, but she uses recycled packaging and practices fair wage policies. THIS is the kind of business I want the world to be populated with. Conscious, kind, sincere, and with such an eye for detail and beauty. To share such a wonderful business with more folks feels like a privilege!

Feel free to follow my ambassadorship this summer and get a glimpse of my beautiful jewelry in action @marissahlindstrom

Have a great summer :)