Meet Our Brand Ambassador Tiffany!

Meet Our Brand Ambassador Tiffany!

We are excited to announce Tiffany as one of our new Summer 2019 Brand Ambassadors.

"Originally from the Chicagoland area, I now live in Marquette with my husband, Tyler, and my adorable dog, Indy. I am an artist, coffee enthusiast, entrepreneur and encourage the average dad joke. I express my artistic vision through a wedding & elopement photography business based here in the Upper Peninsula.

Tiffany Beth Millner Jewelry Band Ambassador

My story is a non-traditional one—I did everything out of order. I graduated high school, started my studies in graphic design, worked full time in my field, got married, got a dog, and then went back to college at Northern Michigan University, of which I am currently a student in the School of Art & Design. It is definitely interesting being a college student in my late 20s but I’m loving my experience!

As a creative, I enjoy engaging in Marquette’s art scene and photographing the beauty of the area—specifically the people of the Upper Peninsula. I am currently working on a special project to capture Yooper portraits throughout this summer. As an adventurer, I enjoy hiking in the area and swimming in Lake Superior.

Tiffany Beth Millner Jewelry Brand Ambassador

I am a strong advocate for people who are doing something right when it comes to taking care of our planet, which is why I resonate with the Beth Millner brand so well. I prefer to support a local business who puts forth an effort to be environmentally conscious.

One of my favorite pieces from Beth Millner Jewelry is the Summer Twig Ring. I love this piece for its simplicity, delicate texture and that leaf as a subject. I also love anything copper, which coincidently was included in my wedding theme and I just have held onto that love. My Copper Dot Earrings from BMJ are an everyday piece that reminds me of those intimate copper touches of my wedding. I love that about jewelry—it can hold a memory, a story, which can be experienced again when the piece is worn."

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Instagram: @inkandopalco

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