Meet our Jewelry Ambassador Morgana!

Meet our Jewelry Ambassador Morgana!

Hi, my name is Morgana Penglase. I am an only child. I was born and raised in Marquette. I have a big sweet black and white cat named Moonbeam who loves to have his picture taken.

Moonbeam the Kitty

I work at T.J.Maxx and love every minute of it. They are a great place to work for. I am hearing impaired and wear hearing aids but I've never let that stop me from making my dreams come true.

I love helping people with disabilities have a voice by going to Lansing to talk to Legislators. I was able to get more jobs and affordable dentist offices for people with disabilities. I am Vice President of the Superiorland Kiwanis Aktion club which is a club that does service projects in our community. We also put on an event called Disable the Label. It's an event to showcase what kinds of services are out there for people with disabilities and to show we can do anything.

Morgana Penglase

I love to play drums and am in a drum band called LogJam. That is how I met Beth Millner; it was when LogJam played at Blissfest and she came and camped next to us. A year later LogJam played at her house for Halloween and she started to play music with us and we became fast friends. I have always loved her work and love to wear pieces that represent Upper Michigan. I love how much she gives back to the community. She has such a caring heart. 
I heard about her Jewelry Ambassador and said hey I want to do that for someone who is so wonderful and makes great jewelry. I have been an ambassador for Kiwanis Aktion Club so I know what it takes. 
I have always loved motivational speaking and started a TikTok channel where I trying to bring joy to people's lives and have made a following of almost 300,000. They have started to call me the Queen of Wholesome. It means a lot to show people what I am passionate about and just being me.
All in all, what you see is what you get - a fun-loving, caring, passionate, joking person.