Meet Randi, Social Media and Customer Service Assistant

Meet Randi, Social Media and Customer Service Assistant

If you're a BMJ fan, you've likely seen Randi's contagious smile at our shop on on Facebook Live! Randi is originally from Illinois and came to Marquette to attend NMU as a graduate student in Creative Writing. When she isn't working at BMJ, she writes poetry and volunteers as an editor for an online literary magazine. Her most recently published work is a book of poetry titled Conjuring Ghosts and Other Ways to Ruin Your Teeth.

Beth Millner Jewelry Social Media Assistant Randi

Randi's Top Jewelry Picks:

Randi wearing crescent moon jewelry from Beth Millner Jewelry
What was your first piece of Beth Millner Jewelry?
"My favorite pieces are the Moonrise on the Lake Pendant and the Crescent Moon Post Earrings. They were both my first BMJ pieces! I like how delicate and simple they both are, and I especially love wearing the crescent moons in my cartilage piercings."

What is your favorite part of working at BMJ?
" My favorite part about working at BMJ is being able to use my creative skills for our social media posts. And my sweet co-workers!"

What is your favorite way to enjoy nature?
" My favorite way to enjoy nature is walking or hiking through the woods -- especially in the winter time."

What do you like to do when you're feeling creative?
" When I'm feeling creative I like to write and read poetry which is what I went to school for."