Meet The Beth Millner Jewelry Brand Ambassadors!

Meet The Beth Millner Jewelry Brand Ambassadors!

Whether you're local to the Marquette area or not, our brand ambassadors have something to share with you! Meet the two women pioneering our first ever Brand ambassadorship. 

They are fellow nature jewelry enthusiasts excited to share their take on all we do at BMJ. Find links to their social media outlets where you can follow along this journey with them. 

Meet The Beth Millner Jewelry Brand Ambassadors!

Erin Potter

My name is Erin Potter and I live in Trowbridge Park in Marquette, MI.  I have lived in Marquette for almost 18 years. I live with my adorable dog, Scout. My friends Scott and Julie are staying with me for the summer along with Scout's best friend, their dog Howie.  

I have worked at Marquette Pediatric Dentistry for six years and love it!  I am also a server at Zephyr Bar and feel blessed to work with a fantastic group of people; it is a pleasure to serve phenomenal wine, cocktails, and food with those crazy humans!

An avid reader, I spend a lot of my free time with my nose glued to a book.  My favorite genre is historical fiction, but I rarely meet a book I don’t like, especially if it was recommended by a trusted friend.  I like to cook, walk in the woods with Scout, play my ukulele and sing, fly fish, and camp. Most of all I enjoy spending quality time with cherished family and friends.

Most people likely wouldn’t guess I love to shoot handguns.  It is something special I did with my dad while growing up. We still enjoy going, but I was definitely a better shot when I was young!  

I wanted to be a Brand Ambassador for Beth Millner Jewelry for many reasons. I love supporting local artists in general, but no jeweler has ever caught my attention and maintained my affection for so long.  Not only does Beth’s jewelry perfectly capture the rugged beauty of the Upper Peninsula, her designs showcase it with a clear love of nature, understanding of wilderness, and passion for living things.  I have many Beth Millner pieces including pendants, rings, and so many earrings! When I heard about the Brand Ambassadorship I couldn’t wait to apply! Who wouldn’t want to help tell the community about her favorite jeweler?

What has me the most excited for this Brand Ambassadorship is writing for the Beth Millner Jewelry blog.  I love to take photos and write but have always been too lazy to have a blog of my own. I have never done anything like this before; what a fun adventure it will be!  And let’s be honest, I’m really excited to get some new pieces. My desire for BMJ appears to be insatiable.

My favorite pieces of Beth Millner Jewelry are my owl earrings and pendant.  I bought the earrings from Beth when she was still working out of her house! I have misplaced them a few times, but they have always come back to me. My wonderful older brother, Chris, bought me the matching pendant just because he knew I would love it. The three owls will forever be cherished and mean the most to me even though my collection is becoming what could be best be described as vast.  

Keep an eye pout for Erin's blog posts on the Beth Millner Jewelry blog and follow her through this experience on Facebook and Instagram


Meet The Beth Millner Jewelry Brand Ambassadors!

Rebekah Walsh

I live in Baltimore, Maryland where I work in publications for a global health non-profit. In my free time I can be found stooping with my dog, husband, and neighbors (a communal Baltimore activity in warmer months) and watching musical theatre.

Something most people would find surprising about me is that sarcasm is my true first language; many a stranger has been caught off guard!

What I love most about Beth Millner Jewelry is the nature inspired look and strong craftsmanship. I'm excited to share a small, local business to new audiences who may have never discovered these gorgeous pieces otherwise.

My favorite pieces of Beth Millner Jewelry are her twig rings. They are dainty but detailed, perfect for my own style which I often describe as "classic with a twist."

Check out Bekah's personal Blog, Bekah Loves  as well as her Facebook and Instagram to see what she has to say about Beth Millner Jewelry!